Most of us grow up with an obvious sense of right and wrong. The basic moral against theft and harm are universal, however many of them are based off of a subjective view largely made up of our background and nation we belong to. We believe in the mythos, the heroes and a path in which unanimous agreement is desired from the general public. Bias becomes truth.

This was not the case for me. Growing up as a mixed race child, living in neither of my parents countries and  with a diverse range of people from all corner of the globe, I came to realize that nothing is truly as simple as it seems.

Reason, justice and villainy are common stories and constantly switches in its telling to better suit the national or religious narrative. Exposed to merely one narrative it is easy to be inducted in a set tales and rules. But when surrounded by various beliefs, you can find yourself realizing the flimsy premise of such views as they oppose and dilute each other in their commonality of black and white. You discover that it is in the unknown and gray sea that a better truth can be found. For in the gray, derelict pride and the need for the ideal story for the one or the many sinks into the deep. All that’s left is the search, uncertainty and doubt that frees the mind into a borderless reality.

It is for my consistent travels in the gray sea I write.

Grey Opinion